Yes, you need to water your foundation in Texas.
No, that's not how we get McMansions. Most areas of North and Central Texas have clay soils which expand and contract and we have home builders who do not design home foundations to not crack. So, even if you have sprinklers for your landscape with water restrictions this is not adequate to maintain the moisture under your home.

Soaker hose use for foundation maintenance is allowed at all stages of water restrictions in North Texas (except between the hours of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Most cities do not restrict day or how many days per week. Some will even allow you to water your landscape (except grass).

Foundation Soaker Hose System Sales and Installation

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We can also design and install soaker hose systems for gardens or landscaping.
More cities will be added check on your cities web site for the latest information.
Soaker Pros will make it as painless as possible to install your custom soaker hose system. We will design your system and deliver a “kit of parts” to your door. If you would like we can also install the system for you, burying it under the grass and in flower beds.
Water restrictions for area communities